Wolf Connection and Celia Center Join Hands to Heal Foster and Adopted Teens

“We arrived as our special “pack”, walked with the wolves, to learn about connecting, understanding the nature of human-animal relationships, and the circumstances leading to love, support, and empowerment together!”

Monique D., Adoptive Parent

Celia Center Community

photo of two women and one man at Wolf Connection for Howl at the Moon
photo of Jeanette Yoffe and two girls seated together at Wolf Connection

At Wolf Connection, we empower youth and young adults to become authentic leaders and contributing community members. We accomplish this through facilitating experiential relationships with rescued wolves and the natural environment. These deeply intuitive animals inspire young people to be fully present in their bodies, release ideas and behaviors that no longer serve, and understand their unique role in a human “pack” or community. The wolves help youth focus on their impulses, feelings, and behaviors in a constructive way. In turn, human participants learn to forgive and give others (and themselves) a second chance.

Why Wolves? … Like many of us have experienced as humans, wolves are misunderstood. Yet science tells us the wolf is the first animal we ever associated with more than 40,000 years ago. Early humans adopted our family and social structure, survival and hunting techniques from wolves. Researchers believe we have a memory of this bond in our DNA, so humans and wolves naturally connect at a deep, primal level, carrying great therapeutic value.

Founded in 2009, what started as in-school presentations and brief visits to the sanctuary have evolved into a multi-disciplined program with one-day field trips and our signature 8-week Experiential Education and Empowerment Program.

Wolf Connection and Celia Center Join Hands to Heal Foster and Adopted Teens

by Mar 1, 2021