Dear Celia Center —

As I think about the journey of the last 10 years I am overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude. I came to the Adopt Salon Support group as an isolated other, longing for understanding and context for the well of emotions and behaviors I didn’t understand in myself. I sit here now, a more rounded human, in a sea of like objects, my adoption community swirling all around me, in and out of my life. I am in reunion with my birth mother and her family and am starting the process with my birth father. If not for this group I would not have had the courage or the tools to manage the complexities of reunion. I would not feel safe enough to face it.

We adoptees navigate the world in a narrative that often does not recognize the reality and complexity of our lives. And without realizing it, many of us adapt to these narratives, washing away our nuance, our pain and our superpowers. It happens In work, in school and in our own families. But not here. This group and all the people who show up have given us a soft place to land. This group has fostered a community with time, attention, and deep appreciation and curiosity about others peoples experiences. Every single person who has shared their truth in this room has informed my own journey.

Maya Angelou said something tot he effect of  “There is no greater agony than the beating heart of an untold story inside you.”

It is in here that we are brave enough to share our stories. And as you always say.. what’s shareable is bearable.

And that is revolutionary and life changing for all of us! ~ Carra

Thank You so much for inviting me to your support group. I was deeply touched by the Love I felt in the room. You have created such a sacred, safe place, a place of healing, a place to be heard, acknowledged & accepted, a place where u dont feel so alone.
And so I thank u . . .

We are all searching for Love from someone . . .  either a birth parent or adopted parent, or child that was given up; even if we don’t find the Love we want from that particular relationship, we can find the Love & support and understanding from each other.
We don’t have to walk alone
. . . and so I thank you.

– Suzy Kaplan, Adoptee

I could tell you I would not be anywhere near where I am without this group or Jeanette. About 6 months into my adoption journey of finding my birth mom, I found a support group at Vista Del Mar created by a woman named Jeanette Yoffe who owns Celia Center. From the moment I saw they had a support group on September of 2018, I immediately told my mom I wanted to attend. She was very open to it and even told me that if I needed her there she would attend with me since it’s a support group for everyone in the adoption triad.

I remember walking in with my mom and looking at her and saying how nervous I was. I was the youngest there. I was terrified but I knew deep down inside that I was ready to share my story and that I did. Jeanette opened her arms immediately to my mom and me and made us feel so welcomed. Everyone was so sweet. After telling my story and hearing others tell theirs, I finally realized that I am not alone. I’m not the only one going on this journey. There are MANY of us. I finally felt like I fit in.

That I found the people that understand EXACTLY what I was and still am going through. I had adults come up to me telling me how brave I am to start my journey so young. Many said how proud they were of me. One woman recently said that she comes because of me.

They are all so sweet and I’ve met some of the most incredible people in this group. I’m so honored to even been asked to help with the teen support group. Thank you so much Jeannette for everything! You’ve been there for me so much, especially lately and I’m so glad to have found you and now have you a part of my life. I couldn’t be on this journey without you or Celia Center!

– Sarah Rudd, Adoptee

Going to adopt salon as a adoptive mother , I had a place who I could call home, see a family , to support each others., a place to share, to understand. Even if I did cry sometimes it is always with joy I go to adopt salon.

Thank you Jeanette for creating that space so needed.

– Fanny Magier, Foster-Adoptive Mother

Hearing the stories of reconciliation from those participating in the Adopt Salon Constellation have been heartening this year.
– Jerri Allyn, First Birth Mother

The individuals who attend the Celia center Adopt Salon support meeting have not only allowed me to validate my own feelings surrounding my adoptive experience and reunion with birth family, but has helped me to understand the wounds and losses that my adoptive parent may have suffered on some level that she would never speak about. Since graduating from Calstate Los Angeles in Sociology and Social Work 3 years ago, the Celia Center Adopt Salon meetings have provided a forum for which I can better comprehend on a much deeper level, the intricacies of issues surrounding each of the different triad members; birth parent, adoptive parent and adoptee. My involvement with the meetings has helped make me a much more effective case worker has I continue to develop and work has a Social Worker in grief and loss.

– Chris Thomason, Adoptee

We feel so blessed and lucky to be a part of Adopt Salon, for 8 years and counting! Being in a room with all parts of the adoption constellation has raised our consciousness and deepened our understanding of our adopted child’s experience. We have been supported when we had questions – how to talk about adoption with our toddler, how to facilitate contact with our child’s family of origin, and how to advocate for our child within the school system. We have been surprised, moved, educated, and inspired by hearing adult adoptees and birth parents express their feelings – no way could we have guessed or understood before, but as soon as we heard them, wow, we suddenly had new insight into our child’s experience, and ourselves! And we have been given the chance to simply be supportive of others. Adopt Salon has literally been life changing for our family, a hugely positive force.

– Celia Parker, Adoptive Mother

As a birth mother, Adopt Salon has provided me with the opportunity to hear the perspectives of both adults who were adopted as children, and parents through adoption , and helped me to understand how adoption has impacted their lives. The opportunity to share and hear the experience of all members of the constellation, in an emotionally safe environment has been invaluable to me in understanding and processing my own experience.
– Laura Dotson, First Birth Mother

Celia Center is a special place. It is needed for all those affected by the adoption triad. It’s where adoptees, of all ages, birthparents and adoptive parents, can get compassionate support and gain resources on their journey. It is run by the powerhouse, Jeanette Yoffe, who knows first hand what it’s like to be an adoptee. She openly shares her story with an open heart and mind, while also offering loving guidance in the same way, along with sharing her brilliant suggestions from her deep well of information. My family has gained such help from all her insights. As an adoptive parent and also founder of a monthly adoptive parent support group, I know first hand how wonderful Celia Center is. I always recommend it to others. The support groups are so beneficial and they also offer so many wonderful events to highlight the adoption journey that brings added comfort to anyone in the adoption community. Having a place like Celia Center, helps bring healing, knowledge and power to our family.

We’re so grateful to have Celia Center in our family’s life.

-Angie Sanders, Adoptive parent
Founder, Evolving Parents & Adoptive Family Support Group

Today, I got to be a mentor to another adoptee who is in her teens and we, along with several other adoptees, made a huge art project together. I’ve never been in a room filled with just adoptees and let me say it was INCREDIBLE! Everyone had such an amazing time and everyone bonded so well. It was definitely a day that many of us will never forget. We did an introduction, played a game, did some art, ate lunch and closed off with a pow wow. It was everything I pictured this day would be and more. It was definitely what I needed. I wish they had something like this when I was a kid because I think it would’ve helped me tremendously growing up as an adoptee. Thank you Jeanette Yoffe for putting this together! You are incredible and to see the smiles, not only on the kids faces, but the adults faces, was just amazing. We MUST do another one of these again soon!

– Sarah Rudd, Adoptee

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