On November 8, 2016, Celia Center premiered  2 documentary films:

By David Quint
6 Word Adoption Memoirs
By Ridghaus

This premiere took place in Venice Beach, California.

Father Unknown is an uplifting true story haunted by the story of an abandoned boy, a man who sets out with his estranged father on a high-stakes trip to an orphanage in Switzerland. While unlocking secrets surrounding the child’s missing father, the men uncover a stunning truth that transforms their lives.

6 Word Adoption Memoirs is a film that follows A heart-felt piece, interesting to see all the different lenses people see identity through. The Six-Word Adoption Memoir Project was conceived by Derek Frank and Andrew Tash. – both of them adoptees, media producers, and media teachers – in order to make the stories of triad members accessible to a wider audience.

We had the opportunity to experience a very special and rare Q&A with Documentary filmmaker David Quint and his father, who showed up by surprise, Urban Quint.

Q&A filmed on November 8, 2016

This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Watch here: