Journey To Me Article: “Hold On To My Feelings: An Intervention for Foster & Adopted Children”

Here is the beginning for you…..”There is a great mystery behind every one of our lives, the great human mystery of why are

we here sharing this miraculous planet? Where did we come from? For the adopted child

the mystery is even greater because they have two active mysteries. The existential one all

humans share about our cosmic origins and purpose and then the very real, very literal

mystery of where did I come from? And why did my birth parents give me away? These

mysteries inspire many powerful feelings but for the adopted child, the pre-eminent feeling

is often grief.

As an Adoption professional and former foster-adopt child, I want to inspire parents to

understand how important “the act of joining with their child’s grief” is. As scary as it

seems, it will actually be very liberating. This liberation will not only bring joy to the parents

but to the child as well. And it is through joy that the hormone for bonding, oxcytocin, is

released into the cells of the body, which can restructure the brain and increase the desire

for attachment. The first step toward honest attachment is for the parent to “feel” and

accept the child’s grief and thus allow the child to “feel felt” at the cellular level where

bonding occurs. After all, we all feel good about ourselves when our experiences are

validated, supported and our fears reassured….”

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