Adopt Salon Conference Sessions Friday, November 9th

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NOVEMBER 9th – FRIDAY – 10:15-12:15 AM

  1. Rethinking Adoption in the 21st Century
    Presenter: Adam Pertman

  2. Focus on Foster Care & Adoption: An Insider’s Perspective
    Presenters: Carra Greenberg & Sheila Kamen
    Adoption can be a very emotional journey for many families. There are few resources available to help foster/adoptive parents and foster youth/adoptees cope with their own feelings around adoption. In this seminar, Carra & Sheila join forces to reveal rarely discussed aspects of the foster care & adoption experience and how mentors and professionals can better understand foster/adoptive families and help them navigate their journey. Carra and Sheila will present on several parallel emotional experiences common to both adoptive/foster parents and foster youth/adoptees in a way that promotes empathy and understanding. The discussion of each emotional challenge will be followed by a list of questions that mentors and mental health professionals can use with their clients. 
  3. Transracial Adoptive Family Training:  A two-hour presentation with panel discussion
    Presenter: Angela Gee
    Helping the transracially adoptive family increase awareness of potential issues and unify to embrace the challenges innate to the confluence of race, adoption and parenting. Learn how bonds are strengthened through transparency and sharing of a transracial family identity. Acquire tools for reinforcing a healthy transracial family identity and approaches for empowerment in the face of racism. A lively panel discussion will illuminate the evolving dynamics and complexities families experience when faced with issues of race, culture and adoption.

  4. The Primal Wound: Author presents her 40 years of research, and answers questions about her world-renowned book.
    Presenter: Nancy Verrier
  5. NOVEMBER 9th – FRIDAY – 2:00-4:00 pM

10 Things We Really Want You to Know: What Adoptees Don’t Say and Why?
Presenter: Lesli Johnson

Adoption is a unique experience, often misunderstood by mental health professionals, educators and the general public.  This session will provide a better understanding of what adoptees want people to know about them and the adoption experience and why they often struggle in conveying their message. You’ll better understand the “language” of adoption and how to help an adoptee make sense of their story.

 NOVEMBER 9th – FRIDAY – 2:00-4:00 pM
Inside-Out Healing Session
Presenter: Craig Hyman & Patrick McMahon
During this session, attendees will have the opportunity to identify and validate their deepest wounds and challenges related to adoption, and to use creative expression and spiritual practices to foster resolution and healing. A variety of techniques, which may include meditation, movement, dance, journaling, collage, and role play will be led by Craig Hyman, Patrick McMahon, and other leaders in their fields. We will end with a group discussion and structured closing to promote a smooth transition and establish community and ongoing support.

NOVEMBER 9th – FRIDAY – 2:00-4:00 pM
From Loss to Hope:  Becoming Parents at Last
Presenter: Carole Lieber-Wilkins
The road from infertility to adoption is usually paved with grief, loss and tears.  But through embracing the losses of infertility, we also embrace a future filled with hope for the family we are creating. This workshop will also address the mutual losses and gains experienced by parents and adoptees, creating a bond of empathy and compassion.  From Loss to Hope: Becoming Parents at Last will address the losses of infertility, provide exercises for successfully moving through the grief, and explain the very productive process of preparing to become a family of adoption.

NOVEMBER 9th – FRIDAY – 2:00-4:00 pM
Understanding First Mothers: Realities of Search & Reunion
Presenters: Mimi Janes
Presenting a panel of original mothers sharing the realities of search and reunion and how they are learning to forgive and heal themselves. Participants will be encouraged to ask questions they have always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask.

NOVEMBER 9th – FRIDAY – 4:15-5:15 pM
Facilitated by Mimi Janes

NOVEMBER 9th – FRIDAY – 4:15-5:15 pM
Facilitated by Jeanette Yoffe & Lesli Johnson

NOVEMBER 9th – FRIDAY – 4:15-5:15 pM
Facilitated by Sally Maslansky

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