Support for All Members of the Foster Care and Adoption Constellation

Celia Center is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in greater Los Angeles.

Adopt Salon Constellation Support Group

Pre/Post Foster Care & Adoption Constellation Support Group – NOW ON ZOOM – ALL INVITED FROM ACROSS THE COUNTRY

A monthly virtual open support group for all members of the Adoption Constellation: First-Birth Parents, Adoptees, Former Foster Youth, Foster Parents, Legal Guardians, Adoptive Parents and Kinship Families.

A place for the Adoption & Foster Care community to come together to share stories, thoughts, feelings, ideas, receive psycho-education, process grief/loss, learn about search and reunion, and build strong bonds/connections.

Facilitated by Adoption Psychotherapist in Training and Adult Adoptee
Cathy Koley, Supervised by Founder Jeanette Yoffe M.F.T.

In 2014, a study was conducted HERE on the efficacy of this group.

93% of the participants agreed or strongly agreed that:
The support group increased their knowledge and provided a safe place for them to share stories, thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

87% of the participants agreed or strongly agreed that:
The support group provided opportunities for them to process grief and loss.
The support group provided them with opportunities to build strong bonds and connections with others.

91% of the participants agreed or strongly agreed that:
They are able to understand themselves better because of this group.

Participants reported:

1. I understand my adopted daughter much more since coming to this group.

2. I learned priceless information regarding the emotional well-being of the adoption and foster community.

3. I am better able to understand, relate, and talk to an adoptee and foster youth.

4. I have learned how to approach an upcoming reunion.

5. I am developing better relationships and intimacy with family.

7. I recommend this group to anyone in the experience of adoption and foster care!





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New Children's Book!
What It Feels Like to Be in Foster Care Event by Jeanette Yoffe, Former Foster Youth-Adoptee

What It Feels Like to Be in Foster Care Event by Jeanette Yoffe, Former Foster Youth-Adoptee

During May’s National Foster Care Awareness Month, on Thursday, May 18th we had a special screening of a film that educates what foster children go through and what it will take to make a difference in their lives.

Two Los Angeles Nonprofits, Angels Nest TLP and Celia Center Inc., co-hosted the “What It Feels Like to Be in Foster Care” event, which aimed to raise awareness and offer solutions for handling the foster care crisis in Los Angeles. LA is home to 33,000 foster children, the largest foster care population in the United States, according to the Children’s Law Center of California…

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The Parallel Universe of… Who am I? by David B. Bohl

The Parallel Universe of… Who am I? by David B. Bohl

The feelings of shame haven’t disappeared, but I was able to mask them so much better with alcohol—it was a cure for all my woes!  What I didn’t know was that this “healing” elixir was also poisoning me—me and the very connections I was making. Eventually, everything fell apart. And I had to find a new way to live as a sober but still fragmented person. I recovered from alcohol but it wasn’t until I recovered those other fragments of myself that I became truly whole.

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Roadmap to Reunion: 8 PACTS | National Adoption Conference

Roadmap to Reunion: 8 PACTS | National Adoption Conference

This article provides a framework for setting boundaries in an adoptee and birthmother or birthfather reunion. So, both parties decide together how the relationship will be and have set goals and expectations entering into the reunion with empathy, understanding and compassion, have an open mind, and respect they will have different narratives entering the reunion.

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Trauma Informed Support with Bryan Post & Jeanette Yoffe MFT

Adoption Competency Online Training

5 Hours of Continuing Education

• Watch the Video Modules
• Take the Test
• Receive Certificate of Completion!!!

Key concepts of Adoption are presented such as the life cycle of adoption, adoption as a life-long process, the significance of birth family members, open adoption practice, grief and loss in adoption, impact separation trauma, the role of attachment in adoption, search and reunion challenges for the adoption constellation members and clinical practice/therapeutic strategies for children, youth, and families.

Celia Center provides CEU's in Los Angeles

CEU - Post-Adoption Transitional Support Video Series

5 Hours of Continuing Education

• Watch the Video Modules
• Take the Test
• Receive Certificate of Completion!!!

The courses were designed to help parents and professionals understand the general experiences children may exhibit in adoption-related challenges that identify losses, understand the importance of attachment, and explore common questions for all adopted persons.

Celia Center Inc is approved by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, CAMFT Provider #121492. The target audience is the following: educators, teachers, health providers, licensed professionals in the community: LMFT’s, LCSW’s, LPCCs, and/or LEP’s.

CEU Certificates are awarded to licensed professionals at the conclusion of the training. Course evaluations are completed before the awarding of CEUs and Certificates.

Celia Center provides CEU's in Los Angeles

Meet Jeanette Yoffe

Executive Director of the Celia Center, Inc.
Psychotherapist and Adult Foster Alum/Adoptee

Jeanette’s desire to become a child therapist with a special focus on adopted and foster care issues derived from her own experience of being adopted and moving through the foster care system in New York City. Her personal experience has informed her education and provided insight into the unique stresses involved with these issues. Because of Jeanette’s life experience she can more easily connect and relate to the children and teens she works with. She is an exceptional child-care worker who is dedicated to helping each of her clients reach their full potential through mental health therapy and make the difficult journey from despair towards resiliency and hope.

"I just wanted to give a big THANK YOU for allowing me to be in your Adopt Salon group. It was absolutely amazing, empowering and nothing that I have ever heard before. Something of this magnitude would be so beneficial for social workers and parents to witness, and listen to. I can see this becoming huge. Your influence, compassion, and empathy illuminate in every member of the group."

Leticia Ann V., M.S.W., ASW

Children’s Social Worker

"Celia Center is a California non-profit center that nurtures and supports all members of the foster-adoption constellation by providing emotional, educational, and community engagement via support groups, conferences, arts festivals, wolf healings, and trainings. Our community includes adoptees, foster youth, birth families, foster and adoptive parents as well as those working in the field of child welfare. We strive to bridge compassion between each member of our family tree, in order to keep attachments strong, connected, and whole again. We value and celebrate the whole family, of all racial, ethnic, and socio-economic status…one child, one parent, one family, at a time."

Jeanette Yoffe, Executive Director

"As Mayor of the City of Los Angeles, and on behalf of its residents, I commend Celia Center . . . . I wish Celia Center continued success as [it supports] families through the tough but rewarding process of foster care and adoption."

Eric Garcetti, Mayor, City of Los Angeles

official certificate of appreciation of Celia Center by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

Presented by Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti to Celia Center at the 2014 Facing Trauma with Truth Conference

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